Special Education

We have many special programs to help the child grow and develop special skills.

Speech therapy programme: In addition to the Special Education Therapeutical services are also provided. Generally, CwID have associated problems related to speech and voice.The school provides speech therapy programme after assessment.

Yoga therapy: This helps the adolescents in enhanced co-ordination, increased attention span and reducing hyperactivity. Furthermore, it helps in improving the range of motions of a particular limb.

Vocational Training
Students with moderate to severe category of mental retardation are introduced to pre- vocational training once the students reach the age of 14. Having limited mental capacities these students cannot be expected to continue in a purely educational program till adulthood like their normal counterparts. 

After they have learnt functional academics they have to be trained in skills, which will lead to economic independence and rehabilitation. The pre- vocational unit gives vocational training to enhance their capabilities to make them useful member of the society. 

In School our emphasis is training them in any vocational skill according to the ability of our students for developing them into self- sufficient and self-reliant young adults. The students are equipped with a specialised skill as per their potential to effect economic independence and self-reliance. These trained skills can be carried out under the supervision of the attendant. Under this training area skills covered are-
• Paper bag making. The students are taught to decorate the bags with block printing and sticking & pasting of designs on the bags
• Making collage, decorative stationery like gift tags, wrapping papers, handmade cards, small pads
• Spiral binding of diaries and pads
• Painting Diyas
• Gardening
• Beauty culture
• Embroidery

Office skill management
Wherein depending on the competencies, a student is trained in office skills like filing, photocopying and other simple office tasks.

Paper Bag and Envelop Making
The aim of starting this unit was that it should filtrate of the market by selling and displaying in the shops, apart from the catering to the individual orders.
A core team of students is selected for this unit, keeping in mind their interest and competence. Each crease and fold is done by the young adult of our school with / without assistance of a teacher. Every effect is made to check the esthetics value and quality of the product. At present we are catering to individual orders, stores and organizations.

The highlights of the program offered in this school are:-
A life centred approach to curriculum planning to meet the needs of child and family. An eclectic combination of different approaches to develop a holistic approach to meet individual needs. 

Some of the approaches on which intervention for the autistic is based are TEACCH, ABA (with small group of students), and the therapeutic use of drama, music, dance, horse riding, and yoga. The behavior management strategies are designed according to individual needs. Positive reinforcement techniques are commonly used for teaching.

Sensory Integration therapy is an important part of the intervention programme.
For the high functioning integrated group academics is a vital curriculum area Montessori Method and material is used in classrooms with adaptations according to the individual child. Computer with latest software is regularly used for overall development of the students.

Yoga and Sports- Activities of daily living and managing his/ her environment are taught in real life siuations-kitchen, bathroom and dressing room. The students learn to make beds, arrange clothes in cupboards, personal grooming, washing clothes, cooking.

Vocational Training for youth above 16 yrs of age-Vocational skills taught are jewelry design, greeting cards making, gardening.

Sensory Integration Unit- This is a part of Occupational Therapy clinic and caters to stimulation of individual’s sensory needs. It provides multi sensory therapy for tactile, visual, auditory, propriceptive and vestibular sensations. The OT department further provides opportunity for enhancing motor skills after sensory integration session.

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